Design Inspiration for Custom Birthstone Jewelry Pieces

When you are shopping for the perfect birthday present for your loved one, you may want to consider investing in birthstones. Birthstones are assigned to each month of the year, and your loved one’s birthstone is sure to have a special meaning for him or her. A jewelry store serving Cupertino can provide you with beautiful gemstone jewelry that will make the perfect birthday gift. Read on for some great design inspiration for your custom birthstone jewelry pieces.

Create a Pendant

A birthstone pendant is a lovely and versatile gift for any special person in your life. With a custom-made birthstone pendant, your gift recipient will be able to use their birthstone gift in many different ways. For example, birthstone pendants can be attached to short chains to create chokers, or longer chains for an elegant, long necklace.

Stackable Rings

Another unique gift idea for your custom birthstone jewelry is a stackable ring piece. With stackable rings, the wearer can choose to wear some or all of the rings at one time. In addition, stackable rings can be placed in different order, depending on the mood or style of the wearer. With their great versatility, stackable birthstone rings make a great gift.

Antique Pieces

To create a custom birthstone piece that will stand up to the tests of time, you may want to have your jewelry craft an item that is inspired by an antique design. During the Edwardian era, birthstone jewelry was very popular for many women. An Edwardian-styled birthstone piece will make a stunning fashion statement today.

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