What is the Difference between Gold-Plated and Gold-Filled?

Sometimes a jewelry store or jewelry designer will indicate whether an item has been gold-plated or gold-filled. They both probably look the same, but there is a difference, and you’ll notice it the longer you wear the jewelry.

Gold-plated jewelry contains a smaller amount of gold than gold-filled jewelry. Gold-plated jewelry has a base metal that is dipped into a plating solution that contains small amounts of gold. Once the bonding process is complete, a thin layer of gold coats the original piece of metal. Gold-plated pieces tend to tarnish quickly and the gold may eventually rub off after extended use.

Gold-filled jewelry has a much thicker coating of gold that is heated directly onto the metal jewelry piece. The amount of gold must be 1/20 th or more the weight of the piece as a whole, thus giving it more value and staying power than gold-plated jewelry.

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