Custom Jewelry Design

Designing a custom jewelry is like creating something from nothing. It is comparable to painting a canvas or sculpting from a lump of mud or carving a piece of wood. Every designer, be it jewelry or any other craft, has to find inspiration and convert that inspiration into a unique piece of art. Jewelry Designers are no different, they use various metals and stones both precious and semi-precious to create that piece of jewelry that every man or woman would like to crave for.

Some of the designers use more metal in their custom jewelry while some like to play with color and texture of various color stones. We have also seen some designers create jewelry from various materials including leather or various kinds of strings.

Some designers are inspired to use various components and accessories to create custom jewelry. These accessories and components can be various kinds of beads, cabochons, connectors or metal findings. Different kind of pearls can be mixed with color stones or beads to create enviable custom jewelry.

Silver Fantasy Inc. has a large variety of accessories, beads, and charms to offer to Jewelry Designers. Our accessories especially connectors with a central color stone and white topaz are hit with Jewelry Designers. Other connectors that are highly in demand are the ones that have Sapphire in Bezel settings. We offer very high-quality cabochons and they are very popular with designers for their natural color and texture.

Designers at Silver Fantasy work hard to come up with unique concepts for accessories and charms. All the items produced in our facility are handcrafted and cast in 925 Sterling Silver. Each and every stone is carefully selected to enhance the style of jewelry crafted and to maintain highest level of quality at a reasonable price.

We specialize in about 40 color stones both precious and semi-precious. Our artists have created accessories in all these stones to fit any Jewelry Designers’ style or need for creating a Custom Jewelry. We can also supply these stones as cabochons in any shape, size or dimension at reasonable prices.

Silver Fantasy located in heart of Silicon Valley, Cupertino, CA. We at Silver Fantasy take pride in bringing high quality Sterling Silver Jewelry and Accessories studded with precious and semi-precious color stones. All of our items are manufactured in our facility in Jaipur, India. Our artisans meticulously handcraft every single piece of jewelry they create. We specialize in procuring the stones at the source and hence are able to get the best of the quality before it is up for grabs.

With Silver Fantasy Inc. you are at crossroads of quality and best prices. Visit our website and Etsy store. We can also be reached via email at or phone at (408) 858-7756.