Tips for Protecting Your Custom Jewelry Investment

A custom jewelry design is sure to be a treasured item that will remain in your family for generations. When you work with a jewelry store serving Cupertino to create your own custom necklace or ring, it is important to take all of the steps needed to protect your investment. With the right care and insurance, you will have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your jewelry is safe and protected. Read on for more tips for protecting your custom jewelry investment.

Check Your Homeowner’s Insurance

When you are looking into protecting your custom jewelry, it is a good idea to check the terms of your homeowner’s insurance plan. Many homeowner’s insurance plans offer coverage for valuable personal items, such as jewelry and more. If your homeowner’s insurance offers jewelry coverage, you can feel confident that your investment is protected.

Ask About Scheduled Insurance

For one of a kind, customized pieces, you may want to talk to your insurance company about taking out a scheduled insurance plan. With scheduled insurance, you will have a separate insurance plan that provides specific coverage for your jewelry. Your scheduled jewelry insurance can be obtained at an affordable price, and will fully insure your investment.

Consider a Safe

In order to protect your custom jewelry investment, you may also want to consider investing in a safe for your home. With a home safe, you can place your custom jewelry pieces into a secure storage space when they are not being worn. A safe will provide you with total peace of mind for your custom jewelry investment.

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Get to Know Engagement Ring Styles

Choosing an engagement ring is an important decision for any person. When you are shopping for engagement rings at a jewelry store, you should be sure to choose an engagement ring that suits your style. A custom jewelry design will ensure that you create the perfect ring for your loved one. From solitaire pieces to pave settings, there are many different engagement ring options to choose from. To learn more about the different styles of engagement rings, check out this video from ehowbeauty.

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Design Inspiration for Custom Birthstone Jewelry Pieces

When you are shopping for the perfect birthday present for your loved one, you may want to consider investing in birthstones. Birthstones are assigned to each month of the year, and your loved one’s birthstone is sure to have a special meaning for him or her. A jewelry store serving Cupertino can provide you with beautiful gemstone jewelry that will make the perfect birthday gift. Read on for some great design inspiration for your custom birthstone jewelry pieces.

Create a Pendant

A birthstone pendant is a lovely and versatile gift for any special person in your life. With a custom-made birthstone pendant, your gift recipient will be able to use their birthstone gift in many different ways. For example, birthstone pendants can be attached to short chains to create chokers, or longer chains for an elegant, long necklace.

Stackable Rings

Another unique gift idea for your custom birthstone jewelry is a stackable ring piece. With stackable rings, the wearer can choose to wear some or all of the rings at one time. In addition, stackable rings can be placed in different order, depending on the mood or style of the wearer. With their great versatility, stackable birthstone rings make a great gift.

Antique Pieces

To create a custom birthstone piece that will stand up to the tests of time, you may want to have your jewelry craft an item that is inspired by an antique design. During the Edwardian era, birthstone jewelry was very popular for many women. An Edwardian-styled birthstone piece will make a stunning fashion statement today.

For more information about how you can create a beautiful birthstone piece for your loved one, be sure to contact Silver Fantasy, Inc. by calling (408) 858-7756. Our jewelry stores in the Cupertino area are sure to have the perfect ring, necklace, or earrings for your loved one. We look forward to helping you with your custom jewelry design.

What is the Difference between Gold-Plated and Gold-Filled?

Sometimes a jewelry store or jewelry designer will indicate whether an item has been gold-plated or gold-filled. They both probably look the same, but there is a difference, and you’ll notice it the longer you wear the jewelry.

Gold-plated jewelry contains a smaller amount of gold than gold-filled jewelry. Gold-plated jewelry has a base metal that is dipped into a plating solution that contains small amounts of gold. Once the bonding process is complete, a thin layer of gold coats the original piece of metal. Gold-plated pieces tend to tarnish quickly and the gold may eventually rub off after extended use.

Gold-filled jewelry has a much thicker coating of gold that is heated directly onto the metal jewelry piece. The amount of gold must be 1/20 th or more the weight of the piece as a whole, thus giving it more value and staying power than gold-plated jewelry.

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How to Cut a Diamond

It’s not always known how the diamonds you find in a jewelry store are cut, but a lot happens during the process. Watch the video to learn the full process of cutting a diamond.

Once a diamond has been cut and polished, it undergoes a couple different inspections. First, it’s scanned into a computer program to determine that the correct amount of facets, and their placements, have been cut. After the computer inspection, a registered gemologist will inspect the diamond before it’s ultimately sent to a jewelry store.

When designers and jewelry stores come looking for gemstone rings near Cupertino, they know who to look for to find what they need. Silver Fantasy Inc. has the best collection of silver jewelry down to the various products you’ll need to make your own jewelry. Call or visit us online to see more.

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