A Closer Look at Spring Birthstones and Their Meanings

Many people are drawn to their birthstones. The meanings bestowed upon them sometimes give people a glimpse into their own minds and personality. These gemstones have been given meaning and significance since ancient times, and the tradition has continued. Here is a look at the meanings of the spring birthstones.

March and Aquamarine

March is the beginning of spring, and it’s fitting that a typically light blue gemstone has been deemed the March birthstone. This pastel gemstone will compliment other spring colors and light-colored gemstones. Aquamarine stones are symbols of health and hope, which are concepts often associated with other symbols of spring.

April and Diamond

As many jewelry stores can attest to, diamonds are one of their biggest gemstone sellers. They typically come in white, but fancy colored diamonds are becoming more popular, with colors ranging all over the spectrum. In the recent century, diamonds have been associated with love and commitment. The diamond is one of the hardest gemstones in the world and can be a perfect representation of a strong relationship or a strong individual.

May and Emerald

Emeralds are one of the rarest gemstones in the world, typically found and mined in Afghanistan, Zambia, and Brazil. These gemstones are said to be symbols of rebirth and love, which is appropriate for spring—the time of nature’s rebirth after winter.

June and Pearl

June is included as a month of spring because it’s accepted as the end of spring and the beginning of summer. The common birthstone of June is the pearl, but alexandrite has become a popular June birthstone. Alexandrite stones are very rare, and as the lighting changes, so do their colors. The more an alexandrite gemstone changes in color, the more valuable it is. Alexandrite can be found in Brazil, Sri Lanka, and East Africa.

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A Jeweler's Guide to the Different Types of Stone Cuts

When you enter jewelry stores, it’s best to know everything you can about the different gemstone cuts. If you own a jewelry store, then you definitely should know everything there is about gemstone cuts. What are the differences between an emerald and Asscher cut, or how are princess and square cuts not quite similar? Here is a list of the most common stone cuts and what you should know about them.


One of the most popular gemstone cut is the round brilliant. With over 50 facets cut into it, round cuts bring a brilliance to gemstones that other cuts don’t typically achieve. It’s usually found on diamonds and sapphires.

Princess and Square

These two cuts are often interchangeable, but may be considered separate in a jewelry store. Typically, in a square or rectangular shape, a princess cut is more brilliant than a regular square cut.

Emerald and Asscher

Emerald cuts are a great cut for larger stones. They are rectangular in shape with facets on the corners and sides. Asscher cuts are very similar to emerald cuts, but they’re cut in a square shape rather than a rectangle.


Radiant cuts are relatively new, as they were developed in the 1970s. Radiant cuts are designed in such a way that they have the rectangular shape of an emerald cut, but the brilliance of a round cut.

Oval, Pear, and Marquise

This grouping of stone cuts is commonly used for women with smaller hands. The length provided by the oval and marquise cut give the illusion of longer fingers. The pear, or tear drop, cut is a hybrid of the other two and works well as a pendant or as earrings.

Trillion and Heart

These shapes are less common, but they’ve been making headway. Trillion is typically triangular in shape with several facets to bring out brilliance.

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Birthstone Focus: Understanding Aquamarine

One of the primary birthstones for the month of March is Aquamarine. This prized gemstone is distinguished by its gorgeous, blue-green color. With its cool hue, aquamarine is thought to provide calm and serenity to the wearer. In addition, aquamarine is also associated with positive traits, such as loyalty, friendship, communication, and honesty. A store that specializes in gemstone jewelry near Cupertino can help you design a custom birthday present for the March baby in your life.

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How to Choose the Right Necklace

Whether you are headed out for a business lunch, to a wedding, or to a formal black-tie affair, you’ll need the right jewelry to complete your outfit. If your jewelry collection is looking outdated, pay a visit to a jewelry store to get yourself a new necklace to tie your look together. Watch this video for tips on choosing the right necklace from jewelry stores.

The necklace you choose to wear will be determined largely by what sort of event you’re dressing for, and the type of neckline you’re wearing. Go for simpler pieces of jewelry for daytime events, and save the more elaborate jewelry for nighttime. Be sure that your necklace complements the neckline of your shirt or dress and doesn’t clash—for example, stay away from round necklaces if you are wearing a V-shaped neckline. If you are going to wear other jewelry, choose one bold piece and keep the others subtle for a sophisticated look.

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What Precious Metal Goes with Your Skin Tone?

Jewelry can be the perfect addition to almost any outfit, elevating what you’re wearing from merely functional clothing to a fashionable, put-together look. When you are choosing jewelry to wear, you’ll want to consider which colors look best with your outfit. However, before you get to this step, you should take the time to think about which precious metals look best with your skin tone. That way, you’ll have a collection from jewelry stores that features pieces you like and actively wear on a regular basis. Read to learn more about silver jewelry and which metals might work best for you.

Skin Tone

In order to determine which precious metal will work for you, you must first figure out what skin tone you have. Hold the underside of your wrist up to a light, and notice what color veins you see most predominantly. If your veins appear more on the blue side, you probably have a cool skin tone. Cool skin tones can be present in a variety of complexions as well as eye colors, so that’s why you must look at your veins to make a judgment. If your veins appear to be more green than blue, you have a warm skin tone. Typically, people with reddish hair have a warmer skin tone, though eye color can still vary widely.

Silver or Gold

People with cool skin tones tend to look best wearing platinum, white gold, and silver jewelry. If you have a cool skin tone and wish to incorporate gemstones into your look, go for stones that are blue, magenta, red, and violet. Individuals with warm skin tones may do better with gold jewelry that enhances the yellow undertones of their skin. Gemstone choices for these people tend to be in the brown, green, orange, and yellow families. Of course, the best way to determine which precious metal you should wear for your jewelry is just to choose something that you like.

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